Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10 and 17 2014

November 17, 2014       
Hello All!
So this week has been pretty crazy.
Tuesday, we met a “wanderer in time” who came from the first world war, saved for an unknown purpose. That was really interesting. He asked us many thought provoking Questions and some without end. . . And as we walked away we looked back and he was gone! Really weird.
The next day we met an amazing investigators! A teenager who just finished her senior year!  We knocked on her door as she was practicing walking in her high heels for graduation. Good times! Her step dad is less active, and he got real excited to see us and showed us photos of his brother that is serving a mission in northern Argentina!   We chatted for a bit and then my companion said a short simpleprayer to start the lesson we looked up and Maraina (the girl) was in tears. “isn’t it just so amazing how alleviating a prayer is? You can be full of anguish and just like that have peace again.” She said.  So true. Oh how I love the peace this gospel brings. God rally loves us and listens to our prayers and will always help us through the good times and the bad.
We have been doing a lot of strengthening families here. Just like God exists, so does Satan, and he is working his hardest to destroy families. Every family is in danger and we must strengthen our family now! Some things that we have found joy  in is family home evening every week and family history! These simple things God has provided to help us feel His Spirit more and help make our home a place of refuge instead of the bomb site. Also, the most important is family scripture study and family prayer. How I love my memories of that! And my companion and I always have great joy doing this together as well.  Sometimes we pray in one another’s languages it is pretty fun! I love that no matter what language we speak, God understands us perfectly.  Today as my companion was writing her family, a car outside exploded! For a moment we were all curious, then stunned. The owner of the cyber told us all to leave as fast as we could, and I took my companion running! Made real the question everyone asks if your house was burning what would you take with you in the fifteen seconds you have to grab something?  Besides my scriptures, nothing material is really important. All that matters really is the people we love.  Like I talked about in the paragraph above, our families are the most important. Make sure you are taking care of your family. Show your love to them every day. I was so grateful nobody was harmed.  Just in that moment, I had been writing my testimony to President Lovell. And even though it was a little scary, I wasn’t frightened, knowing that everything would be ok. Because God is in the details of our lives. This world is full of crazy things, but when we walk with God, we don’t have to worry. Crazy things still happen, but we can trust that God will help us always and that things will work out for our good.
Search for the peace and happiness that we all need. I promise you can find it in God. Reading your scriptures, praying, going to church, and the temple, even serving our neighbor in a simple way help bring the peace and happiness. We are all here, just wanderers in time for a bit, until we return to our eternal home. My wish is that we all return safe and sound to the arms of our Father. The decision is ours. The time to act is now.
Have a great week! Hermana Albright

November 10, 2014
Hello all!
So this week was super fun! The Elders in our ward had a baptism! Her name is Laura and she is so cute! Her husband is less active, and they got married just two weeks ago in preparation for her baptism! We have a noche de hogar with her tonight I'm super excited.
Random funny story, today my comp and i found out that we know the same efy dance! Hey now hey now what you gonna say now...whoo whoo whoo whoo make your sandwich put it together EAT IT! Hahaha good times...who woulda thought? Efy around the world!
This week was a bit windy again, and that naughty wind likes to put out our fires! So the water tank heater and the air heater went out multiple times. We had lots of adventures with that! The air heater almost exploded the last time we tried to light it again, and for a couple days we resorted to heating water and using a bowl instead of our showerhead. But its warm again now and we are back to summer time weather!
I thought of a cool parable of the heaters.Satan is like the naughty wind trying to put our fire out! And sometimes we think man there is just not anything left to do, and we let him put our fire out and we stop fighting and he wins. OR we can do all we can to create a shield of faith (we are doing the armor of God lesson again for fhe haha can you tell?) and block those darn winds from putting out our fire! And we can make our fire bigger too so that it is even hardder to put out! and we can share our fire and light the fire for those that have gone out already. THats one cool thing about fire. It loves to share! You dont lose anything at all as you share your fire, in fact, lighting something else makes your fire brighter! So this week, ¨let your light so shine¨and make your fire grow!
The Spirit of God like a fire is burning...
Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Albright

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