Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two New Letters for Easter!

April 21, 2014
Wow we had a fantabulous week! Started off with an awesome noche de hogar with menos activos and investigators yes yes yes!!!! And a great day doing divisions with the hermanas lideres! They came and helped us with our area, which was perfect because we had soooo many citas! So we got to visit all the people that we wanted to, Hermana Strickler didn´t get too lost without me whoohoo and we had a great time learning from Hermana Garcia and Hermana Ashcroft. They are such great leaders examples I´m so grateful that we got to learn from them.  Then Easter Sunday Whoohoo! We had attendance of 43! Second time in one transfer YAY! A high councilman from the stake came and told us that if we get attendance up to 60 for 6 months, we can get the funds for our own capilla here!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! It´s totally do-able and it´s totally going to happen! We are seeing so many changes of hearts here in little Huergo. The Lord really is hastening His work. It is such an incredible opportunity to be a part of this work and be a witness to all the miracles of the Lord.
Hermana Strickler and I are just as good as ever! We love being companions and we´re always pushing one another to try a little harder to be a little better. We have been saying positive affirmations this week and trying to stop any negative thoughts and it´s really helped us be happier and more faith-full as we say faith promoting sentences about all of our investigators.
Story time! Hermana Strickler and I learned that we both talk in our sleep now. We just have full on conversations until one of wakes up and tells the other to go back to sleep. We are very tired in the morning. Argentina is making me crazy! But it´s all good.
We had a great fireside last night about the work of salvation! It was awesome, investigators and menos activos and activos came! We talked about how this is the work of the Lord, but He needs OUR help! This church is true, but we need to be true to Him.  As we friendship the new people in our wards, we are friendshipping the Lord. And when we meet Him in the end, ¨¨we will be surprised by how familiar His face is¨  I just love that. Hope you all had a happy happy easter and took the time to remember the resurrected Savior. With the second witness of the Book of Mormon along with the Bible, we cannot doubt of the truth that He lives! And He loves us.
Hope you all have a great week! Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana Albright
from Heidi's chatting online:  Thats cute! my easter was great! We got huge chocolate eggs from one of the members, she MADE them!!! So cool. And so goood!
Yeah my hair is long! But its starting to fall out a lot. yikes i may cut it this week. who knows? i´m so excited to skype with you!!!!!!!!!!
and the fechas are definitely falling...but that is going to change! They always fall, but that doesnt mean that that person won´t get baptized one day! We just gotta keep helping them along the way  hahahha thanks my comp has been helping me eat healthier haha and less bread! and yes i will definitely get a jacket soon

April 14, 2014

Well this would have been quite an exiciting week. We were just starting to plan the details of our baptism for this Saturday when our investigator told us that she doesn´t feel ready and wants to wait till summer time so she can get baptized in the river. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! It was a very sad day for us. But we are working hard to help her continue learning about the gospel and quit smoking. And we just started teaching her daughter too so hopefully they can get baptized together later! And maybe that´s why she had to wait. She didn´t come to church this week, but one of our less actives that I love so much finally did! There´s always a tender mercy to help with the pains in life. Ah it was so great to see her and when I talked to her she was saying that she wants her whole family to come back! We´re going to visit them this week I´m so excited! We are working hard to help our other investigators be prepared for their upcoming dates as well. It´s a lot of craziness but every high moment with the spirit tan fuerte is worth all of the lows moments.
Hermana Strickler and I continue to learn and grow lots together! I feel that our strengths really complement each other. We are consciously trying to improve ourselves every day and draw closer to the Lord, and we have lots of fun as we do it too!
And I am great! Just doing my best to not let anyone fall through the cracks! We lost a lot of lessons with the rain last week but we are pumped and ready to go this week!
here´s some pics for you to enjoy: our branch bus going to general conference, one of the streets as they tried to drain the water. It took about three days to drain the streets! and an empty soccer field that is now a mini lake haha
Hope you all have a great Easter week!!!! We´ve eaten lots of fish this week (aren´t you so proud momma?) but its been surprisingly good.   I love this time of year where we can celebrate the resurrection of Christ. It´s just like Christmas!!!!! We may or may not be singing Christmas songs to celebrate haha but i love it! I know that Christ is our Savior and I am so grateful that He lived and died for us. In all the fun of this joyous holiday, please don´t forget the true meaning behind it. How can you show Christ gratitude this week?
Don´t forget to look for those tender mercies this week! The Lord´s hand is revealed every day in our lives.
Hermana Albright

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014
Hey sorry I wasn´t on yesterday, there was a crazy storm here and we weren´t allowed to leave the pension. Hermana Strickler and I had a great time though, we made some weird looking tortillas and wrote lots of letters whoohoo aren´t you so excited!
Well what a great week! We´ve had many adventures in the rain but don´t worry we are still alive! I´m doing great. And Hermana Strickler and I are getting along really well. It´s so great being with her. She is always helping me to be a little better and we are doing great on making goals to improve ah I love it so much! She helps me a lot accomplish everything that we need to or want to accomplish. We have a lot of baptisms to get ready for! We were a little worried, so we made a plan to help every single person reach their date. Now I know that we are going to do everything that we can to help them reach their date and if the date ends up falling, it´s not because we didn´t give them the help that they needed. But none of them are going to fall, so it´s all good! I´m super excited to help these people make a covenant with their Heavenly Father and come a little closer to him. We had a great time at General Conference! I love General Conference! It definitely inspired Hermana Strickler and I to try to be more EXACTLY obedient. I´m excited to apply the words of the apostles and prophet in my life this week and see the miracles that come from following the Lord! I loved how many people testified about how God is with us in every single difficulty that we have. And its so true! Last week we wanted to buy something similar to peanut butter to make peanut butter jelly sandwiches, but we couldn´t find the fake peanut butter! We were walking home very sad when suddenly, I felt that we should go into a different store. It was this tiny little thing that didn´t have hardly anything and we´d never been there before, but sure enough, they had the copy cat penaut butter! It was so cool! Definitley just yet another testimony that the Lord is in the details of our lives and that He loves us and is willing to help us with even the little things that are important to us. Haha and this week our ward mission leader was talking about how he would change the words to the backstreet boys songs to help people wake up to go to church ¨Leventarte yaaaaa¨ haha so we decided to try it out....but with hymns! We went from investigators to less actives to members, waking them up with hymns to get ready to go to conference! And they did! It was so great! Even though it was rainy and the streets were full of water, there were a lot of people that were willing to brave the strom and trust in the Lord to protect us. We took a bus together to Roca (about an hour away) to listen to the conference broadcast in a church there. And we got to listen in English on Sunday! Miracle of miracles! AH it was soooo great to hear them speak. Definitely reaffirmed the importance of teaching these people in their language, it´s so much more powerful when you can understand everything. And then right after we came home from the night session, the rains came down and the floods came up! The Lord had definitely been holding back the storm for us. It was such a blessing. What miracles did you see this weekend?  I hope you have a great week! And that you can feel the Spirit as you take the time to remember the birth and resurrection of our beloved Savior this week! (is easter this week?) Have a great day!

Hermana Albright

These pictures  are of the crazy rain storm that Neuquen has been experiencing! The missionaries had to stay inside on the day of the worst rain, and most businesses were closed!

March 31, 2014
Hola hola hola!
Third transfer in Huergo! Whoohoo I´m excited! Not going to lie, I am also very nervous. I have never planned a baptism before, and now we have 6 baptismal dates to get ready for. GAH! I hope that I´m worthy to listen to Spirit at all times and that I don´t ruin any of these wonderful people´s desires to draw closer to God and that they can enter into the waters of baptism and receive all the blessings that God is waiting to give them! The less actives here are really growing stronger too! A lot of them are so close to fully returning. Just a little bit more! I´m excited to be able to help them a little bit longer and maybe be able to see them accept the light of the gospel in their lives once again. Our young women class is going great! But it made me realize, we have many more young men and no young men class. So thats the next project! Probably more a project for the elders here though.   We had 44 in church last week: wohoo!
Hermana Strickler and I get along really well already! She´s got a little problem with a cough, but we got her medicine today so hopefully that´ll be taken care of real soon! I love having some one that understands me so completely, it is so great serving with her. And she is such a great missionary! I´m going to learn so much this transfer. We just need to keep speaking in spanish and not english and then we will be undefeatable! Satan get ready cuz here we come full force!
ok so this week we had correlacion misional and as we left, elder candia locked the door to the church...and he locked it so good nobody could get back in! we were all super worried because church was in two days, but luckily presidente was able to find someone on saturday to come and change the locks! And just in time for an amazing day in church!!!! The elders had their first investigator come, and we had less actives and an investigator!!! Whoohoo!!!! Miracles!
Also this week was lots of adventures! Our poor as hermana dubon left, our toilet handle that makes it flush broke. And as hermana strickler came in, the floor drain was clogged and leaked water ALL OVER the pension as we showered, and even went over into our duenas house! So she helped us with that, and then about an hour later, we were cooking and the fridge cord got melted and shortcircuited the apt. Oh goodness! So hopefully that was the end of our adventures in the pension. Luckily, we are still alive! Don´t you worry family!
Anyway, I´m having a jolly good time here in Huergo and hope that you all have a great week!!! Don´t forget to go to Conference! CONFERENCE!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am soooo excited for conference! General Conference! We are so blessed to live in a time where we can so easily listen to the voice of the prophet and apostles and learn the Lord´s will for us. I hope you all enjoy it and live the message that touches your heart this week!
Stay strong!
Hermana Albright