Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 7 and July 14

July 14, 2014
MUNDIAL! so the people here all leave after the games to party in the streets together it is absoulutely crazy! But super fun.
Argentina Independence otra vez? Another patriotic holiday! I don´t know what the difference between this and the other one is but this activity was so great! We had sooooo many less actives and investigators come!!!! No lie, there was more less actives and investigators than there were active members. It was so cool! We are seeing a lot of miracles.
We also had interviews this week! So fun! We asked Presidente Lovell about the rules in a trio just to be sure that we are ok. He said that we are like the queens in chess....we can do whatever we want! (this is a dangerous thing to tell someone like Heidi!) Whoohoo!
We have also started putting in practice inviting multiple families to noches de hogar! President suggested that we incorporate this to create more love and friendship in the ward. On Friday we were visting a member who is a single abuelita and asked her if she could hold a noche de hogar in her house and she said yes!!! And then gave us a list of people that would be great to invite, one of them being a family of less actives! So we invited them the next day and they were so excited about it. It was so great I was not expecting them to react so happily! Tonight is going to be so fun!

Have you had any great experiences with family history? We have been visiting another single abuelita and working with her on her family history. When we started, she decided she wanted to go to the temple this year. She has a special needs son that comes with her, so she would need another family to come with her and help out and said their trip would be mostly free! So we got the word out, and now a family that used to be borderline active is preparing to go to the temple with her to be sealed together! They have changed so much and are now reading their scriptures, praying, and having noche de hogar constantly! It is so amazing to see the miracles in these members lives.
Hope you all have a fantastic week this week! Look for the little miracles in life and you will be surprised by how much you find!
Hermana Albright
July 7, 2014
Happy fourth of july!!! Hope you all had a great week and lots of fun with fireworks! We celebrated down here and even got our peruvian companion to dress up with

us! Super fun. And we had zone meeting that day, so i got to spend another fourth of july with the great Hermana Stanley! That was super fun! Good times. The next day, Argentina showed us how you really celebrate country pride. Argentina won their game to go to the semifinals in the mundial and they were all partying it up! It was so cool! When Argentina wins, everyone leaves their house decked out in Argentine gear and with flags or blankets to wave and they make a huge impromptu parade down the street Honduras! Everyone young and old cheers and honks their horn and waves their flags and celebrates for a couple hours. Its acutally pretty impressive. We have to to avoid some streets for a good while, but otherwise its fun! But dont worry we{re super safe! One of our favorite primary kids and a young adult have been teaching us selfdefense moves every opportunity they get! Haha so we are ready to protect ourselves if ever needed!
 This week we moved apartments!!! Our new apartment is sooo nice! Its clean, with running warm water, the drains work, and its closer to all the members and stores! So great! We had a great time moving and met a ton of nice taxi drivers! So that was our main adventure for the week.
One day we went out with a new member, Fabian. We never used him much before because he{s a guy, and Hermana Allen is a little scared of him hee hee. But I asked him to come out with us to an investigator that I thought was a little creepy to protect us, and the investigator wasn{t there. So Fabian says Hey I have some people here you can visit! It was so great! He gave us three referals and went with us to one of them, a cute little old less active lady! He was so nice and bore such a strong testimony. And the next day, told us that he talked to one of the other referals (also less active) and they want us to come and teach their daughter and baptize her! Now that is member missionary work!!!
How have you shared the gospel this week? I{d love to hear about your experiences with testifying through your words or actions!
I know that this church is true and that Christ is at the head of it. With Him as our guide, we have nothing to fear! I hope you all have an amazing week!
Hermana Albright
Exerpts from online chatting:  luckily i{m in an area where it doesnt snow a lot yaaaay but yes in other areas it is definitely snowing a ton. this week it hailed and rained here but mostly the wind is the most frigid.

and the office is helping with the visas theres just oa ton of procedures and missionaries to do  ya we maxed out a couple months ago and they stopped sending missionaries here but now everyones going home so they have been closing areas

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Heidi and her companions feeling the World Cup Fever!
June 30, 2014


Hello hello hello!

A really funny moment happened in church on Sunday! I normally lead the songs, but the last one was super unfamiliar to me. So I leaned back to quietly ask the Elder behind me if he knew this song, and if so if he could lead it. He readily agreed and when the time went, up he went to the front to lead the song. (side note, he´s a greenie). So the music starts, and he begins to lead...but he´s not singing at all! And NONE of the congregation knows the song. Seriously, no one. It was a struggle to say the least and everyone was fighting of failing to not laugh. There was definitely more laughter than singing. Hahaha and then at the end, all the members came up to me saying Poor Elder Clifford! Why would you do that to him? And later, a member sent us a text of the Isaiah scripture saying that he was like a lamb sent to the slaughter, and he opened not his mouth...    Hahaha whoops. I still claim that none of it was my fault though ;)

This week has been crazy, like always. We had an awesome miracle though, because we brought an investigator, Pamela, to the church to give her a tour. It was so awesome! The Spirit was so strong! She is the one that I talked about last week. We talked a lot about the symbolism of the Atonement in the Sacrament, and it was so great for all of us to take a momnet to really remember what Christ has done for us. A really cool moment for me in the lesson happened near the middle. WE started talking about the Gospel of Christ pamphlet that we had left with her, and I felt like I should open to a scripture in Isaiah 41:10 . I waited about twenty minutes more before knowing why. She started sharing about how she realizes that baptism is necessary and she loves how she has been feeling lately, but she is scared.  Without saying anything, I gave her the scripture to read. ¨Fear not...¨was all she could get out before the tears started flowing. It took a good while for her to be able to read the scripture all the way through. It was so powerful. it´s so incredible to see her growing closer to her Savior everytime we pass by. I love seeing the change in people as they accept the gospel.

I hope you all have an amazing week and can find the time to think a little more about the sacrifice Christ paid for you. Personally.  He loves you and will help you accomplish all things. As you do so, you will be strengthened in your efforts to share the gospel as well! Want some more tips on sharing the gospel? Look up Be a Missionary ALl your life by Elder Quentin L. Cook! Or Preach My Gospel! It´s amazing! Good luck! I would love to hear about the missionary moments you have this week! Vaya con Dios!

Hermana Albright

June 23, 2014

Hello hello hello!

Hope you are all enjoying your time watching the world cup! Woot woot! Luckily Argentina and USA arent playing against each other yet so i can still cheer on the both of them! (dont worry i dont actually watch the games. We go home to study when the game is on and know when it is over by all the cheering and honking horns. After a bit, we go out to work again!)

This week has been super fun adjusting to a trio again. We are all progressing personally and together so much! I am loving it! My new companion, along with Hermana Allen, is Hermana Guerrero. She is from Lima, Peru, has 7 months in the mission, and is AMAZING! I love her already. We are getting along great and using every opportunity that we have to divide and conquer! That leads to lots of adventures! We separated one day and I had to go out on my own with the member! We taught a new less active and his girlfriend and daughter. It was so hard to teach by myself I kept speaking in the WE form! I felt like the queen or something speaking in the royal we hahahaha. But they accepted the invitation to be baptised whoohoo!! We got a little lost finding our way back to my comps but were able to find a little kiosk to buy a treat tto celebrate with! One day I´ll know this crazy area. it is super cool though we have been able to get so much done in so little time as we divide up. Luckily we have great members who are willing to come out and work with us yay!

We had a branch activity, where Erica and her daughter Camila danced different culture dances! It was so much fun! (Erica is the less active that we have been teaching, that is getting married with Eduardo, our investigator who is preparing to be baptized). At the activity, Erica announced their wedding date! She was so excited! It has definitely been craziness up in here!

This week I´ve been getting into the war chapters of the book of mormon. Ya buddy! As I read them this week, it really made me realize the importance of defending our religious rights. We should also have the courage to stand for what is right! Also, when Captain Moroni made the Title of Liberty, he put it in every home for all to remember! What can be your Title of Liberty in your home to help you remember to Defend the truth?

Love you lots and hope you all have a great week defending the truth!

Hermana Albright

hahaha oh yaaa!!! Trios are so great!  My new companion is great! I love her shes from peru and we are teaching her english. We  found her a mattress but she doesnt have a real bed yet just the mattress on the floor :(  i´m back!!! my new comp is hna guerrero. and yes the people let us in, but we love grabbing a member and dividing so we can do more things , also...i may or may not have an expired visa. Haha so my dear family no more jokes about the mexicans in the states because thats me now! ;)

no, its always clapping in argentina- sometimes people have a doorbell, but its so uncommon i feel weird or rude using it haha learning how to make noodles by hand!

this is one of the other missionaries in our branch. We look a lot a like and the poor members get us so confused all the time!

June 16, 2014

Hello hello helloo!!!

Hope you all had a great fathers day!!! It was fathers day here as well, first time the holidays coincide! Woot woot! Did you all do anything fun?

Transfer newsssss!!!!! Hermana Allen and I are staying in Centenario! And we are getting a third companion from Peru, Hermana Guerrero (Warrior). So thats exciting!

Lots of drama all throughout this week it has been craziness!!!!! One thing in particular is Eduardo and Erica. Eduardo is an investigator that we have been teaching and he has been progressing a lot recently! He is living with Erica, a menos activo. And this weekend, they said that they are getting married! So stay tuned, this transfer comes with a wedding and a baptism! Sometimes I feel like such a young little girl with huge adult problems and i´m like AHHHHHH But then I remember the Lord and I know that with His help we can do all things! Haha something funny that happened though was we were talking to a different less active, this cute little old lady that is always smiling! We were talking to her about her husband and she was describing him so lovingly but he is so not there anymore, so i asked her if she had gone to the temple to be sealed with him yet and she said no. And i said Well Hermana heres your goal! You should start praying and working towards going to the temple to be sealed to him as soon as you can! And with a huge smile she said: But I dont know if hes living or dead!   We were all like....uhhh what? And then she said he had moved to chile but maybe he had died and she could go be sealed with him. We were like Ah! Hahaha yikes.

This week we have been talking about finding the more excellent way (1 Cor 12:31 and Ether 12:11). We have all chosen between good and bad already. But that doesnt mean that all of our decisions are done. Now we have the opportunity to chose everyday between good and best. This week, choose the best of the paths! Why have a good life when you could have an excellent one? Turn to the Lord and ask for His help in identifying and having the strength to choose the more excellent way. Let me know how it goes!

 Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Albright