Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 2 and June 9 letters

On hitting her one year mark:  June 9, 2014

What the year mark? How did that happen? I would like to just ignore that if I could.  Ok So hardest part of this year was adjusting to Argentina. Most rewarding is seeing the light in people grow as they act and come closer to Christ. Biggest surprise was how small the world is and how many people I still have connections with here in Argentina!!! 
Crazy crazy week full of miracles!!! The Lord has been really blessing me lately to see his hand in my life here. We have been focusing on less actives this week, and trying to find more that we could focus on as part of our 15 familias (because we didnt have 15 so we´re working on building our number). The Lord heard our prayers and goals, and showered us with people! There were less actives popping out like daisies in our area! We found so many, and they are all responding well to the message of Christ. We´ve had so many miracles I love it!  One is Patricia. She is a cute spunky girl with blue hair and  with the sweetest little 6 year old. We have been trying to contact her this whole transfer long and when we finally met her this week she let us right in and started crying as she said that she wanted to come back to church. We asked her if she has been praying lately and she said her daughter makes her every night. What a great example that little girl is! In what ways can you be an example to others this week?
We went ice skating last Monday! So much fun. It was definitely a little sketchy looking but we all survived! And by the end I was skating wi
This week we started doing our own family history! Its been so much fun! I got to see pictures of Grandma and Grandpas wedding, and lots of other cool pictures and stories! I loved it! Even so far away i can feel close to my family! Who knew family history was so cool? I invite you all to spend some time on your family history this week! Today! no time like the present! It is soo cool and so rewarding! We talked about it in our zone conference this week, and my zone leader asked me describe what I felt as I worked on my line. As I did so, he said ¨Sounds just like the Spirit. You felt the Spirit as you worked on family history.¨And it was so true! What an easy and fun way to invite the Spirit more into our lives. To start your family history, go to familysearch.org! You will love it!
I hope you all have a wonderful week full of miracles! I love you all and hope the best for you! Enjoy the sun!
Hermana Albright
thout touching the walls whoohoo!
Rina got baptized!!! She´s one of the people I taught in Huergo. She was smoking a lot and wanted to be baptized in the river. I got a letter from Hermana Strickler Friday all about her baptism. So exciting!

June 2 2014

This week has been good. We´re finding lots of new investigators and trying to help them progress. That´s the hardest part! We´ve had a lot of great times visiting more of the members and less actives. I love strengthening the members and seeing them progress in their testimony and start to make a difference for their own friends and family! That´s the best! We just started one family with a personal mission plan and we´re super stoked to see the miracles that they will bring about as they share the gospel with their friends! This family has been so fun to work with. They shared a spiritual thought with us on the book of mormon, a video on youtube called The book of mormon--the movie. It was so legit! Man i wish it was true. You should look it up its super cool! As well as the new video of the book of mormon by elder anderson! it is saweet! Anyway, back to the family. Their oldest son is Nephi. So great, right? And he is such a great kid! He was talking about how he was sharing the gospel with his firend the other day, and telling him to pray so he wouldn{t be sacred in the nighttime, and then they said they were going to invite all his friends to his baptism in a couple months! The grandma is less active, so we asked if we could do a noche de hogar with them and her on tuesday, and Nephi said no! thats being disobedient! We´re supposed to do it on monday nights! So they decided to fhe on both nights. I just love this kid! He will do great things. If only we all could have the obedience and trust in the Lord as Nephi (both him and the ones in the Book of Mormon as well).
We also have been having fun exploring the new ghetto part of our area. We met a family that was so great. The dad is addicted completely to alcohol, and he and the family really want help in that. So we arrived, and started teaching! As we talked about the redemptive and abiliting power of the Atonement and the changes that they can bring about in their family with the help of God, the Spirit was so strong. Possibly the most strong that I have felt in my mission so far. It was so cool! The power of the Atonement is real. Christ really can and will help us through whatever trial that we are facing. He loves us and has suffered everything to be able to help us if we accept Him. The Book of Mormon is such a powerful testimony of the truth of Him and His power and love. I hope you all can throw yourselves in the book of mormon this week and really apply the words to you, because it was written just for you! 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Albright

New Letters from Heidi

May 26, 2014

Happy Independence Day! For Argentina at least. We had a super fun ward party on Saturday to celebrate! Full of food! And we were blessed enough to steal an amazing member from the activity for a couple hours (because it lasted all day. Argentines love to party!) so that was great! We´re finding lots of new members but they are ALL OVER the area and our area is HUGE! Literally, this area is just a small part of this city and just this little portion is bigger than huergo i think. It´s so crazy! Lots of fun things happened this week! We had zone conference on thursday, I love zone conferences!!!! And Hermana Stanley is in my zone here! Whoohoooo!!!!! Sorry no pics :(

One day we studied language study at a members house because we didnt have time to return to our pension. She had the brilliant idea to bring her granddaughter over to read us her fairytales!! They have all the same fairytales here it was so cool! We learned so many fun words! (cenicienta is cinderella, 7 enanos is the 7 dwarves of blanca nieve, sirenita is the little mermaid, etc). So that was fun. Also, we finally learned how to make ranch here! That was a happy happy day! But it was really garlicy whoops...

Then on friday we had intercambios with the hermanas lideres! They are so fun. I went to their area with one of them. It was so cool! We had a lot of lessons in the church, which was awesome because the spirit is so strong there! And because i got to meet some great people! One guy walked in for his baptismal interview and he was just shouting ¨¨THe day everyone has been waiting for!!!! The most exciting day of all! Don Jose is getting married and baptized!¨¨ And he just¨had this huge smile on his face it was so fun! He´s the zone leaders investigator. New member now! And then one of our lessons was super cool. It wsa a recent convert, and he couldn´t really talk because of an accident he had. He could basically say sí or no, or try to grunt. But he was so happy! We talked about how our weaknesses can be turned to strengths and then we gave him an assignment of doing family history and performing the saving ordinances for his family and he was just so excited to begin!!! It was so touching to see this man who had so many hardships in his life, and he was still able to find so much joy in life! He was definitely a great example to me to never let your situation get you down.

I hope you all have a great week and remember dory´s advice! When life gets you down, you know what you got to do? Just keep smiling! ;) or something like that.

SHOUTOUT to my wonderful grandpa Vern!!!! Happy birthday Grandpa! I love you!

pics: the other hermanas in the ward at the independence celebration

landscape shot from part of our area! I´m getting lots of muscles climbing this hill everyone got together to play monopoly but we´ve just been chilling and writing letters  My new area is good. No chacras though so thats sad :(