Monday, May 19, 2014

May 10 2014

May 19, 2014
Yet another beautiful week in freezing Argentina! Have I said I´m SO GLAD to have wool tights? Cuz I am!
So this week was really cool! We went to pick up lunch from a member and as we shared our spiritual message with her, we asked her if she had any friends or neighbors that she thought would be willing to listen. She took us over to meet her friend, we set up a lesson and things were great! So we met with this lady two times this week, and she is so amazing. She gave the prayer in the first lesson and it was so sweet and she just started crying! So then the next lesson we talked about the importance of baptism. Well right before we invited her to be baptized, another member walked in and joined us Just in time to hear her response--she´s terrified of water. Well that member also is terrified of water, and was able to bear testimony of how the Lord helped her in her baptism not be scared at all, and how she just felt like she was flying in the clouds the entire time. It was such a cool experience! Everything worked out perfectly for this lady to feel the Spirit and receive the help that she needed.
 So we had a fun activity at zone training. where we were playing soccer (righteous vs satan) and the righteous only won when finally President reminded us that with faith, we can bind Satan in our hearts and lives. (1 nephi 22:26). SO Elder Hanson (aka faith and righteousness) bound satan and we won! YAY

How can you bind Satan in your lives? The primary knows the way! Read your scriptures, go to church, and pray! Can I also add bearing your testimony, thats a great way too! But seriously though, we need all three things to keep us watchful and avoid temptation. There’s so many people that think they don{t need church in their lives but it is so not true! It is a commandment of the Lord! And so it is very important. As we attend church, we receive strength by the word of God, we worship our Lord and Redeemer, we renew our covenants, and we can serve our fellow man and our God. If I could, I would live in the church, I love it so much! There is such a special Spirit in the chapel. How can you prepare yourself to partake in the blessings of church this week?
 Hope you all have a great day! Keep smiling!
Hermana TodoBrillante

pics: companion unity! And my coat finally came in yay!!! and this is our capilla. isnt it so beautiful?  also, forgot to explain one of last weeks pictures: the ticket for me to come here said that I was Argentine. Woot woot! Made me feel legit.  Heidi also said that they had about sixty coming to church, no bishop, great priesthood leaders who step up and eight willing missionaries!

May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014
Well its transfer time again. It always comes so fast! I´m leaving Huergo and going to Centenario. (looks kinda like Centennial no?) And my new companion is Hermana Allen! She´s from Idaho and has two more transfers here than me. So I am so stoked we are just going to hit the ground running here and work hard every day!
I had a fantastic last week in Huergo! I am so sad to leave but I am so happy for the time that I had there. I have grown so much and have definitely grown closer to the Lord. It was such a great experience serving there. I´m definitely going to miss all the people there so much! But I know that they are all on their way to great things, like a capilla woot woot! And then a temple! It has been so great serving there. All of our investigators are seriously so close to being baptized! And there are a ton of less actives returning! And they are returning with such a fire and desire to serve the Lord! It has seriously been amazing to witness the changes in them.  It has been such a blessing to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands here. Every change and good thing that happened here was purely from the Lord, and I was just lucky here to be a conduit and a witness for Him. It was so sad saying goodbye! Everyone wanted us to come visit them, but we were leaving that night after church and I had to pack! It was funny though, one of our investigators called and would NOT let me leave without giving us dinner. So we ran over there, and and then did a rush pack afterwards haha but it was great.
Well I hope you have a great week. And Happy Mothers Day!!! Whoohoooooo!!!!!! SO excited to talk to you soon!!! :D
Sorry dad i dont have my agenda so i dont remember stories from this week. But I love you :D
Hermana Albright

pic: our little church/ house

April 28 2014

April 28, 2014
This week was so great! Man so many things going on! I learned quite a bit, one thing being to have patience with myself We had a great moment later this week too. We went to visit an investigator, and she has cancer. THis day was a really hard day for her, we arrived right after she got back from the hospital. So we just read some of our favorite chapters from the Book of Mormon to her and sang our favorite hymns and the Spirit was just so strong. I remembered what I had forgotten amidst all the craziness here: the reason why I came on the mission. To help people feel the love of God in their lives. It felt so good to sing to her and help her feel a little better.And now I have so much more motivation to give my all here! every day is a struggle but just like the kelly clarkson song What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger!!! STAND A LITTLE TALLER!
We had so many less actives in church yesterday whoohoo!!!! And a baptism of one of the Elder´s investigators! And a stake youth activity! We had people from Roca, my first area, come! SO I got to see some familiar faces! That was fun! The youth came to help us teach the less actives! Even though it ended up being twenty minutes instead of the three hours that it was planned to be, it was still great and I think the less actives that we were able to visit were really touched.. I gave one of the talks for the baptism...not going to lie I was a little stressed for that! But everything turned out good in the end.
Some more news of the week...we got new dirt on our roads!!! Hahaha the rain had kinda destroyed our roads here, and one day hermana strickler and i were walking and we came to a new, smooth, dirt road and we were like WOAH. (picture the scene in Cars as they drove down their new road). It was amazing! So nice to walk on. After a couple minutes we realized that we were so excited over a little dirt road and just started dying. Man it´s going to be such a culture shock when we return! Not that I´m thinking about that. But still.
Anyways! I hope you all have a fantastical week! And are able to do the little things every day in order to feel God´s love for you! Because He loves you a LOT and wants to bless you in so many ways. We just have to open ourselves to Him. How can you come closer to God this week?

Hermana Albright