Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bus Adventure

Well we had a crazy week! We went to Neuquen twice to try to renew my companion's visa. The first time, we came, they waited three hours in line, and ended up not being able to do anything. So we had to go back. It´s fun going to Neuquen though. I got to help out for a little bit in the office! There are so many missionaries working in the office now it is CRAZY. 

But now we´re back, safe and sound. And my companion is not illegal. YAY! We´re definitely tired but...Miracles are happening everywhere! Sometimes I am amazed by what the Lord can do with such a weak instrument in His hands. 
  Also this week, we received amazing referrals from our members! It has been hard finding time to contact them all, and oddly enough, none of them were home for the returned citas. But this week, we found the contacts whose lessons had fallen and learned that they had really been waiting for us to come teach them, and we had the wrong address for them! It was a miracle that we were able to find them again walking through the streets, and it was a blessing to hear that they really were ready and waiting for us. I am so excited to go and teach them this week! 

As we contacted one of the referrals, we were running super late and had two other lessons before going to a noche de hogar. (I totally googled that.. it means Home Evening.. so a family home evening.  Family home evening is where you set a time and as a family you have a lesson, can play a game and have treats.) So we tried to have a short lesson, but he had so many questions about Joseph Smith, we had to stay and answer them! In my mind, I thought it was honestly probably the worst first lesson I´ve ever had...but at the end he said ¨I understand now. It all makes sense. You´re saying that he recieved the SAME authority as the apostoles.¨ We asked if we could come back and teach him more about it another time, and he said he would love that. What a miracle that he was able to feel the Spirit!!! Also this week, we had a first branch FHE! (family home evening) What fun! Only four people came, but that four held everyone! Presidente Barrerra, a member, a less active, and a non member! It was so great! I´m excited for the future ones too, hopefully even more people can come!
Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! Just gotta keep your head up, with patience and faith comes the miracles. Look for them everyday.
Hermana Albright

We got 2 emails this week because she forgot some things:

Man I forgot the best part of travelling! So we left for Neuquen (for the second time) at 8 sunday night. we took a little bus to villa regina, where we could take the big double decker with comfy seats to neuquen. But when we got to villa regina, there were no more seats left on the double decker! So we had to take the little bus that stops EVERYWHERE to go back through Huergo, make a circle and end up in Roca, where we could change to another little bus that would take us to Neuquen. Well so we were on the way to Neuquen and I was getting a little bus sick and doing my best to sleep, when our bus stopped. Everybody off! Yelled the bus driver. Appartently, this bus didn´t go all the way to the terminal. So we asked him how far away we were from the terminal and he said 1 kilometer, but it´s too dangerous to walk there, especially this time of night (midnight if you were wondering). So we got kicked off the bus and dropped off in a park somewhere in Neuquen. Luckily, we have amazing Elders here in this mission that were staying up waiting for us to come to the terminal, so we were able to call them and have them come pick us up! And then we stayed the night with some hermanas in the area, and in the morning were up and ready to go renew some visas! It was quite an adventure but we were so blessed to have the protection of the Lord.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Food by miracles

Hello hello everybody!!!! 
So my funny story and miracle story for the week is two in one! We didn´t have time to buy groceries this week, because we were going to have a zone activity. It ended up not working out for Hermana  and I, but we still had lots of fun. Anyway, we were seriously lacking on the food supply. You better believe that I prayed we could find a way to get food without being disobedient! I prayed a lot. So, our members fed us lunches. We met a new investigator, who gave us a huge bottle of peaches! we had family home evening with a member and got pizza. We got pears from working in a chacra. We had a family home evening in another chacra, and got potatoes and melons. We helped one of our less actives in her vegetable store, and got oranges from her. We went to a members house to ask for referrals and we received homemade jam. We contacted the referral, and received a delicious steak lunch from her, as well as pelons and peaches! WHOO!!!! Talk about answers to prayers! Halfway through this, I commented to Hermana about how I had prayed, and she said that she had too. 

So this week has been great. We´re working hard here! And did you know its time for transfers again? Man how time flies! So the news is... Hermana  and Hermana Albright are rocking it in Huergo and are going to stay! Ba ba bam! My first time staying in an area. I don´t know what to do with myself! But I´m super excited because there´s a lot of work to do here and you better believe I am excited to be able to see the fruits of my efforts! we´re starting family home evenings as a branch this week! I´m pumped for that! I love family home evening!!! It´s the best! Do you love family home evening? Try it out and see! All you need is someone to do it with (preferibly family of course), an activity, a spiritual thought, a prayer of course, and possibly a treat! Can´t get better than that! Family home evening is so important, I hope you all take some time this week for your family. Love you lots family! Thanks for always doing family home evening! 
Hope you have a wonderful week! Hasta luego!
Hermana Albright

Heidi says there is a lot of graffiti with messages around the towns.

Some elders made them lunch one P-Day

Some pictures of her cozy apartment

They have water trucks that go around watering the dirt roads so that there isn't a lot of dirt in the air

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

Hey everyone! 
I´m really really sorry that i´m not super detailed. It´s half because of time and half because I honestly forget everything that we did during the week. We´re out teaching every moment, every day! It´s crazy though, we find new less-actives every day! They´re popping out like daisies! (mulan). Sometimes we arrive at our pension so tired at the end of the day, we´re like the last scene of the Avengers, after the credits. When they´re all just eating silently because they´re just dead after the big fight against the aliens...yup thats us! (at least she can still remember her extensive movie knowledge haha) Fighting Satanas cada dia, todo el dia. Its definitely missionary WORK haha but it´s great! And we need your help! You have no idea how much of a difference you make in the lives of every one around you. Even in five seconds you can change someone´s life. Did you know that? You are so powerful! Use that power for good! So when you´re bored and have nothing to do but play on your ipad, take a moment instead to do something nice for someone else. Make treats to bring to your new neighbor with a book of mormon included (heehee) or to bring to someone sick, or to introduce yourself to a less active and give them a helping hand! (If you're in the mood for making treats... I'd love some) Or you can check out some sweet videos on, and like them on your facebook page! Maybe you can write to your favorite missionary, and then also write to your least favorite missionary and give them support too. Good luck! And remember, you won´t lose this battle if you´re on the Lord´s side! Ok that´s all for now. Love you all, have a fantastic week!

Hermana Albright

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lo siento I am late again!

Letter numero uno 

Here  is Heidi's newest letter! Mom and dad ( and I agree) have decided that although Heidi is a great VERBAL communicator, she either doesn't have the time or the patience or both to be a great LETTER communicator as we are always wanting more details! Mom did get to chat with Heidi though and found out some extra details for us: 
She likes contacting at the farms in the area because she has not experienced farms much. but her companion does not! (She's probably experienced enough farms)  
Remember she said that she is learning Spanish much more quickly with this companion  as they talk in Spanish all the time. Heidi says they can tell stories to each other, and only break down sometimes on words.
There are tons of cats and dogs everywhere in the streets and they are scary and like rats and full of diseases she is sure. (this sounds more sad than scary to mom)

Why hello hello everyone!!!
SO! what a week! I hope I have time to say everything I want to.
Starts off with monday, like every other week. I got hit with a boulder (more like an avalanche because it came from all sides and all the people I talked to) that I needed more faith in order to see the miracles here. And my loving companion received the same avalanche, so we put together a plan, and with the prayer of faith we went forth to change. To change this area, to change this people, to change ourselves. And in doing so, we learned so much. 
First, every single trial that comes your way is for a reason. Trials help prepare you for later events in life, they help you humble yourself and depend on the Lord, they help you be able to help another. One thing that I loved to be able to see in this week was how I could understand more deeply the needs of those I was teaching because of the trial that I was working through. Sometimes, the Lord breaks us down in order to lift us higher. 
Second, we are all here to change. That is the entire purpose of our experiences here. Everyday, we are to change to become more Christlike. And we cannot do that in comfort. Changing requires action, commitment, and faith that you can acheive it. And guess what? You can! Because...
Third: You are never alone. Your Heavenly Father knows exactly what is going on. And He will always be there to help you. As well as Jesus Christ. He knows exactly how you feel and how to help you. Trust in them. They trust in you.
Fourth, miracles happen. Today. (miracles happen once in a while if you that movie! (I googled it.. .it's Princess Diaries)) As we went forward in faith we saw so many miracles this week. And even though some of them may seem small, like being able to run fast enough and get to the road just in time to flag the last bus down after a hot day, (Hooray! A glimmer of a story from the mission.. if only we had the rest) or finding rescue when lost in the (literal and figurative) orchards in life, (another glimmer of a story from the mission... I wonder how long she was literally lost for??) every single one is a demonstration that God is aware of you and will help you in your life. 
So, I hope this will help you as you go forward in faith this week. Look for the miracles. I promise they´re there.
Hermana Albright

Letter numero dos 

Our secret agent (mom) was able to find out some more details for us:

Heidi studies now during siesta time so her schedule is: wake up at 7, 8:30 comp study, 9:30 leave for tracting, lessons, etc. 1:00 is lunch, 2:00 personal study 3:00 language study 4:00 outside working again til 10:00! so late! 
She said she is looking forward to talking to Chris (her brother in law) in castellano!   
She says she has a new "love"  in her life, (sorry boys you've been replaced) it is called alfegores, and it is like an oreo only 3 times bigger with dulce de leche which is a kind of carmel, and peanut butter on them too!  Luckily for her waist line, (I'm pretty sure Heidi could gain a couple of pounds and we'd still all be envious of her waistline..) she says theywalk everywhere, and could be averaging 8 miles a day!  
She says they like to sing, just like the pioneer children as they walk!  
The average weekly baptism rate there for the mission is 11. 
Heidi said that all our prayers are helping her, and she can literally feel them strengthening her at times. 
She said they mainly work in two towns, Huergo and Tres Puentes.  

Hey yall!
So this week was amazing! We are finding more people to teach, inviting more people to be baptized, and finally seeing the fruits of all our efforts! Our little church where we have church was FULL yesterday! It was so great and all the members were so happy to see people come back to the fold, or begin their journey to finding God in their lives. One thing that I´ve learned here is the importance of the family. There´s so many part member families here, or part active, part less active. Its so sad to see only one strong member in a family and see how much it pains them to not have their whole family with them! We know that families can be together forever, but how we treat our families here will be how we treat our families there. I hope you all take the time of day every day this week to talk to your family, tell them you love them, and have a family prayer.
Hey family! I love you! And even though I can´t pray with you right now, I´m praying for you.
Anyway, everyone has been begging for more details about my life here. So I figured, a pictures worth a thousand words, right? So I hope you like the pictures! (which means we don't get the words..) This week we went and worked at the farms of one our members, and pulled onions for four hours! Whoo! I´m a lot darker now than I think i´ve ever been in my life! Dont worry mom, i´m still putting on sunscreen every day!
We also had a zone conference with president this week! Ya! I love zone conferences they´re the best spiritual boost ever! President talked about enduring to the end, and how when we push through the hard times we can see the miracles come. And its so true! There will always come a point in our lives when we don´t want to do what is right, but when we do it, we will be greatly blessed!
I hope you all have an amazing week! Love ya!
Hermana Albright