Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Heidi comes home in 3 short months!! Three letters and some pictures!!

Sept . 1, 2014 TRUNKY? NEVER!
My trunkies came in! So weird the time has flown by so fast! But President is super smart and sent them with a commitment to sign to promise to work my hardest these last three months! You better believe I signed it and hung it up to see! Everyday is so precious.
Well so this week we have been doing so much more on helping the members do their family history work! I love it so much! Family history always is such an adventure! And our stake president came in and during his talk he announced that if every branch or ward has 10 more active members ( i think preisthood holding members) then we are a go for a temple here in Neuquen!!!!! Temple temple temple!!!! How much do you love your temple? when was the last time that you went? Have you been doing your family history this month? Just some questions for you to think about ;) the temple version of alma 5 haha.
We had three baptisms this week! None were from my companion and I but it was still super awesome! ONe was a little ten year old who is soooo energetic and fun! He helps in church by collecting all the hymnbooks after the meeting. and One was an older woman and one was a man who has no bone in his head so he always wears a helmet! We were a little worried for him to take his helmet off for the baptism but all went well! Three new souls welcomed into the kingdom of God! So great. And 87 people at church to welcome them in! Whoohoo!!! Centenario is a growing! I love it! And we may or may not have a bishop soon WHoohoo!! Now that is exciting news!
Last week Dad invited me to try to look for the Spirit more. I talked with my companion and this week we decided to follow the spirit in companionship study to pick a characteristic of a person to look for (yellow scarf or red shirt, or walking with two kids, things like that) and then pray to find these people so that we can more easily recognize that the Lord has specifically put them in our path to talk to. Hermana Guerreros idea, she is so great! So we started at it! And it was so great! The first day we found soooo many people and were talking with a ton of people! Hahaha some people were in autos or motos and we were tempted to chase after them HEY! We have a message for you!!!! But ended up not so that we wouldnt get run over. But it was a really cool experience and we met some great people! I'm excited to continue it this week and be able to see the Lords hand in our lives! The Lord wants to give us answers and miracles, sometimes we just have to remember to ask for them and then put our faith in action as we look for them too!
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Chau!
Hermana Albright

August 25, 2014  Hello all!
This week was the CAPILLA ABIERTA aqui en Centenario! Whoohoo! Some of you may remember that during a general conference (maybe the smae one as the age change?) they announced that the chapels would be more open to the public and tours offered for everyone to come and have an opportunity to be in the Lord's house and feel His Spirit as they learn some of what we believe.So what Argentina has started doing is that we organize a day to give tours to everyone. The members make stands to demonstrate the different classes and organizations within the church. And the missionaries are in charge of three rooms. The chapel, where we have the statue of Christ and get to hear His words (like the visitors center in Salt Lake!) and then the gym where we have posters describing the restoration, the plan of salvation, the focus of families, and Christs example. And the baptismal font! It was a super cool experience. And although not as many people came as we were all expecting, a TON of investigators came to church the next day, like we have never seen! It was so cool to see the immediate fruits of the capilla abierta. And it helped the members have more opportunities to share the gospel with their friends and family! I loved it!
One of the people that went to church was Martha! Our investigator that is preparing for baptism. Her little son turns eight in a couple months and he came with her! Unfortunately, she had a ton of opposition in getting to church and staying there. (stinking boyfriends!) BUT she held her ground and had a great experience at church! After church, we had a Baptism! In the ward, not of the missionaries. A cute little eight year old Ailen. Her family was less active in the beginning of the year, but they have been working to slowly come back. they all felt the spirit so strongly during the baptism it was so great! And Marta and her little boy were there! It was so great! Angel (her son) said the baptism was cool! There were so many people it was amazing!
We also got to work in the field abit this week! THe real, dirt field I mean. We got lost in the chacras one day loking for a less active (oh chacras! How I've missed you so!) and then the next day we helped made a garden with a new investigator! We took out some plants, turned up her soil, and planted lots of vegetables! super cool!

Anyway, hope you all have a great week! Go out and plant some seeds of Gods love! Christ lives and He loves each and every one of us. 

August 18, 2014
Hey hey hey! How we doing today?
Had a super great week! So many awesome moments. For one, we met the little sister of a menos activo that we have been teaching. We had a great lesson  with them! We read the scriptures about the king who wanted the joy of the gospel so much in his life that he was willing to sacrifice everything, even all his kingdom to be able to know God. I love that scripture. So we talked about what they can give to be able to know God in their lives. And in the end, the little sister just started crying and said How marvellous it is to feel the love of God! It is so great to feel the Spirit and have the gospel in my life again. Aw so touching! I love her so much!
We went to the trueque again this week! There we met their mom. They had told us that she didnt want anything to do with the gospel, so we thought some love and friendship might change that! When she saw us she said Hi hermanas! How are you? And gave us free delicious lemon pie! So I think she has great potential!
We had a super awesome charla fogonera on the obra misional this week! Whoop whooop! There were a ton of little hiccups making it happen, but it all turned out great in the end! A member gave a talk applying preach my gospel to the members and sharing the gospel! It was so great! And then we did little practices with the members inviting their friends to the capilla abierta this saturday! I was so sad I didnt take fotos during the practices, it was totally worthy of being on 'The District' haha but it was so good!
How have you been sharing the gospel lately? It is so important to help others feel of this marvelous joy and peace that we can feel everday! The gospel is like that really good lemon pie I had this week, so good you just want everyone to be able to try it and enjoy it too! And when we share the gospel, its like getting a second piece of the lemon pie! We receive as we give! Thats something that I love. And you dont have to get fat as you share the gospel! Happiness free of calories yippee!!!! I invite you all to share your testimony with someone this week! And also to invite a friend to a fun activity or a noche de hogar whoohoo i love noche de hogar! Oh!!!! I almost forgot! We did the shield lesson again with a less active young women and when she had the big shield for having read, prayed and attending church, she not only was able to defend herself from the little styrofoam balls we threw at her, but she started whacking them back to us like her shield was a baseball bat! Hahaha so not only can we defend ourselves from the attacks of Satan, but we can fight back and attack him! Every good deed that we do weakens the power of Satan. Do good. Fight Satan. Girls day! We all got our hair cut. Mine was SO DEAD hahaha the hairdresser was basically dying as she cut my hair and telling me how to take better care of it whoops haha thats what happens for never cutting your hair in the mission!  Be happy.
Hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Albright