Monday, August 11, 2014

Four New Letters!!

August 11, 2014
Hello hello hello! 
How we all doing today? I am doing super great! This Saturday we went to a flea market kind of thing they have here, handed out pamphlets, candy, and invitations to the capilla abierta! We are all super stoked for this activity. It was super fun to be in the flea market and meets lots of different kinds of people. Some crazy people thought that we are spies, but other than that it was great talking to everyone there about Christ!
Another cold front came in here, and it is full force flu season! My poor companion got it bad but she is such a trooper and keeps throwing herself in the work! Cough drops are weird here. The cough drops we use in the states are sold as candy here. It was so funny but first week my companions would offer me a caramelo, and it was a halls cough drop. I was so confused. But I got to try what a cough drop here is and hooly hannah it is strong! Basically my whole mouth almost went to sleep. Medicine is crazy here.
I just recieved great news from my dear friend Nicole that I taught in Virginia! She is preparing to go to the temple and her family is receiving the Holy Ghost more in their lives! Ah I am so happy! We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives! Its so great!
When was the last time you went to the temple? How was your experience? The temple is such a great place to feel the presence of the Lord. I invite you all to go to the temple this week! And even if you cant go in, walk around the grounds and feel the Spirit.  What great luck we have to be near to a temple of the Lord.  Temples are the best!
Well I hope you all have a great week! Chau!
Hermana Albright

August  4, 2014
Hey all! How are you doing this week? Hopefully great!
So we are having so much fun here in Centenario. It is starting to get warm (and rainy...but my boots are going to last till the very end if I have any say in it!) again, and we are stepping it up in the ward activities! This week we had a talent show! And I taught all the missionaries the cup song from Pitch Perfect, and we put it to the hymn We Are All Enlisted. It was super awesome! I loved it. And we have started preparing for something called Capilla Abierta! Its super awesome.Its basically church tours for a whole day long, with all the members!There's a senior couple here in charge of it, you might have seen mention of the Ehmkes in Deseret News with their picture of the Capilla Abierta? Well they have left now, and we have the Arnaudins from Buenos Aires! They are super great. And we are all stoked!
We continue with the noches de hogar! It has been lots of fun! We have a cute little old sister in our ward, who has become my favorite member missionary recently. Someone brought over a friend to a noche de hogar with her, and this member said to the friend Now isnt this great? Dont you want to listen to the missionaries and be baptized?  No fear. Its that easy! We have a great message to share with all the world! Why is it so hard for us to invite our friends? This week, I invite you to invite!
Well basically, all of our citas fell through this week. Not even our less actives had time to meet with us! It was really weird. And we walked A TON. SInging singing all the way, give away oh give away. our mission president challenged everyone to put baptismal dates for the 30 of august, and we were working hard to fulfill his challenge! And it was awesome. We met super great people, and learned how to follow the Spirit better. And in the very very end, God blessed us with two amazing people. One is named Helena. She´'s a cute little 12 year old. She felt the Spirit so strongly as we testified of the experience of a 14 year old boy, Joseph Smith, and accepted to be baptized! We meet with her again tomorrow. And our other miracle is called Marta. She is this sweet lady with a huge desire to change and find God in her life. When we invited her to be baptized, she jumped in her seat, grabbed my arm and with a huge smile said I would love to! Yes Yes! This is what I want! What do I have to do? It was so cool! I almost started crying.
So what did I learn? Work to the very end. Never give up! Trust the promises of God. Follow the Spirit. He speaks oh so quietly but if we trust that God can really guide us, we will see after our actions just how much He blesses us. And most importantly, every little thing counts. There were so many little moments and great contacts that eventually led us to Marta. Along the way, we planted many seeds of the Gospel and Gods love. It is so true Alma says, through small and simple means God works marvelous works.
Hope you all have a great week! Remember to do the small things every day! Smile, read your scriptures, pray, and have a great family home evening!
Hermana Albright

July 28, 2014

Transfers! Another one has come and gone, can you believe it? I sure can't! These six weeks go by way too fast in my opinion. So Hermana Allen is leaving us, and hna guerrero and i will stay in centenario! We are sad to say goodbye to the trio, but hopefully we can still have a great time in two!
We have been continuing the family home evenings and it is the best!!!! This week, we went to a family that lives in between neuquen and buenos aires for their noche de hogar (our capilla is the closest for them, so crazy!). They live in a chacra, with a giant super nice house and they had a legit fireplace! It was super cool we loved it.  The next day, we had fhe with an active family that i love so much! They are preparing to go to the temple for the first time this year to be sealed together whoohoo! So we invited two new recent converts, a returned missionary,  and another active family showed up for the party! It was so great! We made different shields (one for praying sometimes, one bigger for reading and praying and a huge one for reading every day,  praying everyday and attending church). We handed out the shields, and started attacking with little styrofoam balls! Hahahaha it was sooo much fun! They loved it.
We have started teaching a new menos activo that we found recently, Guillermo. And this week, he came to church! And it was so great! He was talking about how he wants to start attending regularly, and paying tithing! Ya!!! And then after church I was talking to him and he said that next week he was going to bring a friend from his work that is looking for God in his live. So great!
The Lord really is hastening His work. But He needs us! In what way can you help the work move forward this week? Also, have you been having your family home evenings consistently? It is yet another thing that helps make our shield bigger. And it's fun too!
I hope you all have a great week! Good luck with everything! And when it comes to the work of God, join in the battle cry: Never give up! Never surrender!
Hermana Albright

July 21, 2014
Hello hello!
So this week I got to go to Neuquen to do tramites know just trying to be legal and all. We had to go get my fingerprints done. And that ended up being quite an adventure! But it all worked out in the end and my papers are in the mail! One day I'll get my DNI.
Well that has made a huge mark in thoughts this week. What prints do we leave? Every where we go, everyone we talk to, we leave a print behind. A mark of love, of irritation, or happiness, or of sorrow. What kind of print do you want to leave on the hearts of others? We leave them all the time, sometimes without even realizing.
This week, I got to see the effect of one of the prints that I left on someone. At the actividadfor the 9 of July, I talked to a less active young woman, Noelia, and encouraged her to come to church sometime. I didnt think I had said or done anything super special, but she asked to take a photo of me and her, and set it as her background on her phone.  And this week, she came to church!!!! We were in the young women class with Carla, our one active young woman, and Carla saw Noelia and said hey! A young woman! In the church! Where is she going? Why isnt she in the class? And ran out to chase her down to bring her to the class. Haha. We had a great class, and Noelia gave me a print of the picture she had taken with me. (pic included). Fast forward. at the end of sacrament meeting (we do sacrament last here in centenario) I went over to her (she was sitting by Carla whoohoo!) and I asked her how she got her since I didnt see her family. She said she came alone. She took the bus for twenty minutes alone to come to church. Then she looked at me, smiled and said You made me.  I was stunned. No one has been teaching her. We visit her sister, but they dont live together. Some simple words and a smile helped her come back to church. Then she saw my young women necklace and asked what it was. We talked about personal progress and carla told her about the project she{s doing right now and invited her to do it with her! Noelia admitted she didnt have a personal progress book, so carla said lets go get one! And off they went!
Every day we leave huellas in the hearts of others. Some fade away like the footprints in the sand, washed away by the tossing waves, and others stay forever, becoming part of an individual. I extend the advice of my hermana Lider to all of you: Hija (o hijo), deja Huellas.
Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Albright