Saturday, October 11, 2014

Four new letters!

October 6, 2014

WOW what a week!!!!

So I went to Chile! It was super fun! The whole trip was cold in the mountains (note the snow!) until we arrived at our destination: Puyehue Chile. Or something like that. It was so Hot! And super cute! I felt like I was in the Shire. The people, houses and landscape was totally Hobbitland. And now, I'm officially legal and good to go for th next three months! The best part of the trip was the bus ride. I have learned the importance of asking questions. In our trip to Chile, a group of us in the back started talking about what we have learning in the mission and asking one another doctrinal questions. I learned SOOOO much that day, thanks to the questions that we asked, and to the questions that the missionaries had asked themselves once and studied out until they knew the answer and could now share it with us! It was an awesome experience. We can have the same experience with the Lord. As we go to the Lord in faith and ask Him our questions, the mysteries of heaven will be opened up to us!

 Ester, the recent convert is going strong! Last Sunday, she only got two hours of sleep because her granddaughter was out late, and she still woke up at nine to come to church! She is such a great example to me. We have started doing family home evenings with her!

This week there was another crazy rain storm! What is with general conference and rainstorms? It even started lightning and hailing! My poor companion got really scared for a bit but I was absolutely loving it! We got super wet as we tried to find one last person to teach for the day but it was great! Walking through rivers instead of streets, soaked with an broken umbrella for three people, (a member came with us, arent they the best here?!) anything is worth it if one person can feel the Spirit. That lesson during the rain was super powerful and I really believe it made a huge difference for the person we taught.

Who loved General Conferance??? I did! I did! We got to go watch the womens broadcast and saturdays sessions with a member. It was so cool! I loved saturday the best not going to lie. It definitely confirmed to me the importance of watching all the sessions of general conferance because they are all so great! And didnt you love the native languages? We sure did! We all gave a little shout of joy when they started speaking in Spanish. Super cool! Ahhhh the talks were all so good! Honestly, I think my favorite was Elder Godoy spanish speaking from Saturday. so great! Now the best part of General conference is puting it into practice! Make some goals about how you can live what you have learned from the prophets this week and come closer to Christ!

Hope you have a great week!

Hermana Albright

September 29, 2014

What another great week in Neuquen!

So Hermana Stanley, my companion from the MTC, came to stay with us for a night! That was so much fun I loved seeing her again and helping her have a good place to rest in between the craziness of travelling and visa work. I also had fun going to the migrations office this week! While there, I met a man from Libanon! or something like that. He speaks French, Arabic, a little bit of English, and is learning spanish. He met his girlfriend on facebook speaking english, and now, two years later, came to meet her! She was with them in the migrations office. It was so cool talking to them! But it is so hard not to talk in Spanish now yikes! And the blessings of technology! I had nothing in english to give him, but he had a sweet awesome huge phone so we went to huzzah! This week, I'm going to Chile!!!! Super excited!

We also had the pleasure of some people knocking on our door to preach the gospel! That was a pretty cool experience. I love when people knock our door. These poor people didnt believe that God could speak to us today! How sad is that. We talked a lot about the importance of the authority and how miracles can happen today! The Bible is an example not of things that have passed and ended and are done away with, but of how God can work with us today! I loved 2 Nephi 29:8-9 that talks about how God continues to speak to us forever. We all have the chance to hear his words this week in General Conferance!!!! Are you excited? I sure am!

One of our investigators is so cool. Her name is Julia and she didnt really believe in God before she started learning the lessons with us. But now, she is praying! And she feels good as she does it! Ah I love helping others come closer to Christ! She also makes really good pies so thats a plus ;) Anyway, from her experience, as well as others from the ward i'm in now, i learned once again the importanceof small and simple things. Maybe i love the theme so much because i'm small and simple ;) but through God, I am important and can work great miracles! I learned a lot about old missionaries and the legacy of faith that they left behind. Like Abinadi, they too never knew of what happened when they left bu because of their efforts many people were blessed! remember to do the small and simple things this week to work a miralcle in your life! read, pray, listen to general conference, smile and help others on your way!

Have a great week!

September 22,2014

Hey All!

News on my new area! I found my dirt roads, dont worry i'm still in argentina! Haha. But there is a burger king here! So my comp and i are going to go try it today whoohoo i'm super stoked!!!! Its been sooo long! Met our bishop this week! Yea yea! And centenario got a bishop---hermano medina! So thats super exciting! Also, our pension is super close to the cole (bus) terminal, so we have hermanas come and stay with us all the time! Its a party! Sometimes we dont get to sleep much ahaha but we make it up on pday! Yayyyy for pdays! This week, we had hna bastian stay with us. She served here as her first area a year ago! So we spent a night visiting her less actives and investigators, and it was so great! They were able to remember how they felt learning and living the gospel with her, and accepted that we come back and keep teaching them! So we got a lot of new investigators and into the doors of some less actives that wouldnt open before! It was a miracle and so cool to be  a part of! The Lord works in such small ways, to bring about grand changes! We had two other sisters later too but they got in late and leftearly so we didnt get to work with them.

One of the coolest things that happened this week was with family Molina. WE met the mom last week (she was part of my story in my other letter) and when we returned, we met her sons. They are all so sweet and are trying to follow God and all agreed to be baptized! The dad hid from us that time, but when we returned, we invited him to come listen to us and he agreed! He said he was proud of his sons for decidin to be baptized and that he also wanted to be clean again. Turns out, he's a less active that nobody knew lived here! so that was super awesome. And then, they told us a story of when their house burned down. they barely escaped with their lives and that in itself was a story full of miracles. But then they showed us a plan of salvation pamphlet they had on their wall. It was dark around the edges. That, the bible, and the book of mormon, were the only things they found afterwards. Untouched by the fire, protected by the lord, these things have helped the family know of the power of God.

Also! We have sweet awesome members here! I have never worked with so many amazing members! Every single one is like another missionary. They bring the Spirit in so strongly in the lessons and help us come closer to christ, not the other way around! It really helped stregthen my testimony of every member a missionary! This phrase is so true! These members are missionaries, even though they dont have a plaque to say it. They help the investigators so much more than we can and they follow the spirit in every moment. I am so grateful for this chace to work with them! In what way have you been a missionary this week? EVERY member a missionary, that means you too! As we share this gospel and our testimonies, we are made stronger and can enjoy the JOY that the Spirit brings us.

Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Albright

Sept. 15, 2014

Sorry dont hate me, my companion and I havent taken any good fotos together yet so you're just going to have to wait until next week to see her. hehe

This week has been so great! Hna Caballero is a little ball of fire! I am so excited to serve with her here! Our area is sooooooo little holy hannah i'm used to basically having a city but here we just have a couple of neighborhoods! I feel like an English missioanry in the states! Seriously its so crazy! There are real streets here! I dont think we have a dirt road in our area at all. What? Ah! And there are airplanes! They fly right above our heads! THey're so big! And our first day here, we went to the mall....what? Theres a mall here! And its super legit. And its connected to a GIANT grocery store. Like, walmart size. LIterally. And you can take the carts out to walk around in the mall with you too. Its so crazy! i feel like i'm in the world again! Its so weird. Man every day is crazy. And our pension is just right on the street. Normally, I've been in a very well hidden apartment , that has like threee fences locked before you reach our door. But not here! We just have our front door! And people come and knock on it all the time! Its so wierd! People knock on OUR door! So this week we are going to practice opening the door approaches haha because we want to invite these people to listen too but we're on the wrong side of the door! hahahaha so weird.

So here in this area, we have a recent convert! She got baptized the saturday before I came here. She is the cute little old lady and very sweet. As she was coming to church this week, she couldnt open her door! So instead of just saying oh phooey i cant go to church, she jumped through her window. Thats right. This tiny little grandma jumped through her window to go to church. I have no idea how she did it! But she is a great inspiration to me of never letting anything get in your way!

This week, I have been trying to follow the Spirit more. (Thanks Dad for your inspiring stories!) I have learned a lot about just how quiet the Spirit talks to us. Its merely a thought...hey maybe talk to that person...hey maybe they need to hear about this theme....hey you should catch up to that person to say hi.... I was waiting for some great inspiration or a huge miracle, but the Spirit doesnt work in that way. ¨¨After the fire and the wind and the storms, came a still small voice.¨ We should always be paying sclose attention to the little feelings that we receive because those tiny little thoughts that almost you dont even realize are there are what the Spirit is trying to tell you. As we walked down one street, I saw some people outside and thought maybe they would be interested, so we went back to talk to them. The mom has lisntened before and loved her experiences in the church, but doesnt believe there is one true religion. As we were talking I thought Ok God, what does your daughter need to hear right now? And the thought came to my mind: Baptism. As I testifed of the example Christ gave us of being baptism and the importance of this great work, she changed completely from being not really interested at all to agreeing to meet with us again and learn more!

I hope you all have a great week! Remember to pay attention to your tiny little thoughts and go around doing good!

Hermana Albright

Sept. 8, 2014

Transfer time! I can't believe how fast the time flies! Ah so crazy!!! Next up: Barrio Progreso in Neuquen Oeste! I hear theres a Walmart woot woot! And a bishop! Now thats pretty exciting! Fun fact though, i'll be in the same stake! So next week for stake conference I'll get to see all my lovely Centenario family again, and then for October General Conference as well! Woowoo!

Had a great last week! One day it was raining super hard! Luckily, we had zone training that day whoohoo! So we were inside for a good part of the day. Unfortunately, we had lunch a little far aways, in an area without sidewalks or asphalt streets at all! It was quite an adventure! We were slipping and sliding all over in the mud, our boots are both kinda old now, so our feet got Soaked, basically we had a little lake in our shoes haha. My companion doesnt have an umbrella so we were sharing mine, so the outside half of our body got pretty wet. And there was wind! It would snatch the umbrella sometimes or throw the rain in our faces. Haha we arriveed at the poor members house just dripping from head to foot. Hahaha definitely a day to remember.

We went to visit some new investigators that are preparing for baptism woot woot and when we went over, we saw the mom with the youngest daughter and when she saw us she ran inside and disappeared! So then when we clapped at the door, another daughter came out and said they were busy and we should come back later. It was all very weird. My poor companion was very sad because she thought they were dropping us. But we came back later, and they let us in...for cake!!! They had been making a cake for us and it wasnt ready yet the first time we went by. How cute! I'm sure gonna miss these people they are so great.

This week we received some cool invitations! Following the talk of Elder Bednar about using the internet for good, we have been challenged to invite all contacts to look up or Super fun they are great sites! Starts this week I'll let you know how it goes! Also, we are to invite all the members too to use all forms of technology to invite more people to church! Go technology! So hey! All you members out there! Use all different forms of technology that we have now to start inviting more people to church! Why? Because at church is where we feel the spirit so strong and we renew our baptismal covenants that we have made with God! It is so important to take time to remember our Savior and recieve blessings from him.

Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Albright

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